The Verderer - Pitch & Sickle Book Two (A Gaslamp Fantasy Series)

Silas Mercer has his scythe. Now what the hell does he do with it?

Silas has barely recovered from his encounter with the terrifying Black Annis.

He certainly has not had time to learn how to ride the pale horse, bestowed upon him by the mysterious Lady Satine.
And he very much doubts he will ever learn to tolerate his infuriating, and dreadfully beguiling, guardian Tobias Asteroth.

But prepared or not, Silas’s life as an ankou, and the Lady Satine’s Horseman has begun.
The Forest of Dean holds a nefarious secret. And Pitch and Sickle must ride deep into its depths.

What lurks within the ancient oaks will change everything for death’s servant and his daemon.
If they survive.

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