Metal Angels – Part One

Metal Angels (Book One)

Bad blood. Ancient gods. Alien tech. 
It’s a crappy day to be human.

The Facility is a bio-engineering and robotics complex that’s been called Area 51 on steroids.

It’s a place where not all employees are human, and company secrets run deeper than the multitude of underground levels.

Blake Beckworth is a certified genius, a very absent big sister, and the Facility’s head bio-engineer. Working alongside a team of fanatical aliens, she’s about as knee deep as a girl can get in the clandestine operations of the high-security conglomerate.

Operations that might just bring on the end of days.

The Facility has taken sides in an ancient grudge match between two powerful gods. And the war games are coming to Earth.

Blissfully unaware, Blake’s sister Kira–damaged inside and out– is doing what she does best. Staying as far away from Blake and the Facility as she possibly can. Living a booze-soaked la dolce vita with the help of Facility profits.

But happy hour is well and truly over.

Now, two very human sisters must find a way to hold together their fractured relationship long enough to play the gods at their own game.

And score the winning blow for all of us mere mortals.



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