Metal Angels – Part Two

Metal Angels (Book 2)

Kira Beckworth has had better weeks. So far she’s been attacked by zombie waitresses, eyeballed by a lizard in the back of a witch’s crappy Datsun, and shared some kind of psychadelic trip with an android that has a fetish for sparkly things. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go.

When her sister Blake called her in the middle of the night with an odd request to remove an asset from the Facility, a high-security robotics and bio-engineering complex, Kira had no clue of the mess it was about to land her in. She only agreed because it sounded like a great excuse to run up a huge bar tab on her sister’s company credit card. That, and the fact it was the first time her genius sibling had bothered to speak to her in the better part of a year.

Now Kira is on the run with Azrael. The unsettlingly beautiful-and kinda stupid-android Blake wanted her to keep hidden from those other inhabitants of the Facility’s hidden underground levels, the Syrana. Aliens. From some universe too far away for Kira to care about, and with an agenda here on Earth that is beginning to look decidedly hazardous for human health.

Blake told Kira to stay away. Keep the asset safe. Don’t come back to the Facility no matter what she hears.

Well, Kira’s hearing pretty bad things. And the last time she did what her sister told her hasn’t worked out so well.

So what’s her next move? And why does it feel like making the wrong decision might just bring on the end of days?

Metal Angels is a serialĀ – which means that these books are not stand-alone, and each will end on a cliffhanger.

**Language and sexual content warning on this one!**









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