Metal_Angels_Part Three_FINAL


Sure, everyone makes mistakes. But would yours bring on the end of days?

The media call Blake Beckworth a bio-engineering genius. A game changer. But she had no idea exactly what that game entailed when Tamas Cressly, owner of the Facility, brought her into his inner circle.
Now the Four, the mighty war-bringers Blake and the aliens have created, are throwing cities into chaos. People are dying. And the guilt is tearing Blake apart. Breaking down the brilliant mind that helped unleash the Four on the world.
Her sister Kira could well be dead. And Azrael, Blake's finest creation, is in the hands of Tamas and the aliens who seek to destroy him. The goddess Ereshkigal grows ever closer to Her ultimate goal: chaining Her destructive sister Inanna to the human world.

To stop Her, Blake and Kira Beckworth will have to decide how much they're prepared to sacrifice for family.