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s p e c u l a t i v e
f i c t i o n
a u t h o r


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Deer. Headlights. When Writing hits a speedhump.

Ok. So. It's one of those days. The damn annoying but inevitable day of DOUBT.  The ball to the face that is trying to make a living out of writing. Welcome, my friends. Take an uncomfortable seat. There will be no refreshments, no toilet breaks and no opportunity for...
Michaelangelo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

I’m not leaving this spot until Michelangelo gets here.

Well. That wasn't quite what I was expecting. Life just threw me a dung-encrusted curve ball. If I had gonads, I'd be that guy rolling round on the ground, screaming  in unadulterated misery. What happened has got me all doubled over and I'm not sure I'll ever be...

The Way you do the things you do – Igniting the Writing Brain.

So I have recovered from last weeks little red-cheeked dummy spit. I am once again the epitome of calm. A picture of serenity. Aaaah, such a good movie. And my reason for doing yoga. One day I shall strike that pose. But I jest with you. I am not...

Step away from the keyboard – Writing doth make me sedentary.

So it was my birthday  this year and my other half (who I shall refer to as The Canadian from here on in) bought me the obligatory present. It was about two months late but that is a whole other blog and an ongoing relationship counselling case. The Canadian's gift to...

My Main Character’s Heart just pounded, thumped, raced, leaped and fluttered her to Death.

Words. Dang, there are a lot of them. Many, many, many. And therein lies my problem. I don't know enough of them. Case in point, I've just repeated the same word to describe how many (bastard!) words there are to use. I don't know, oh little blue horse of the stunned...


Danielle K Girl is an Aussie who recently moved from Melbourne, Australia to Lititz, Pennsylvania – a town she secretly likes to pretend is really Gilmour Girls’ Stars Hollow. She chose Girl as her pen name because she got tired of reading about female authors having to hide their gender.

Extra|Ordinary is her debut novel.