s p e c u l a t i v ef i c t i o na u t h o r
s p e c u l a t i v e
f i c t i o n
a u t h o r

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My Main Character’s Heart just pounded, thumped, raced, leaped and fluttered her to Death.

Words. Dang, there are a lot of them. Many, many, many. And therein lies my problem. I don't know enough of them. Case in point, I've just repeated the same word to describe how many (bastard!) words there are to use. I don't know, oh little blue horse of the stunned...

Deer. Headlights. When Writing hits a speedhump.

Ok. So. It's one of those days. The damn annoying but inevitable day of DOUBT.  The ball to the face that is trying to make a living out of writing. Welcome, my friends. Take an uncomfortable seat. There will be no refreshments, no toilet breaks and no opportunity for...

Judging a Book – Totally Got This Covered

So, did something a little bit wild, a little bit cray-cray last night. Minds out of the gutter people, minds OUT of the gutter.  Thankfully the days of that kind of behaviour are ancient history,  lost in the shadows of the nineties. Blessedly before the time of...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho. Off to Meet A Deadline we Go.

Big moment. The many words I've written on many pages are going off to be sent off and scrutinised, discarded, red-carded, rearranged and tut-tutted. Or as commonly known, edited. I am going full adult. Hiring professionals. Getting invoiced.  Peeps, I've been given a...

Warning – Editing is bad for Keyboard Circuitry

*Tap tap* This thing on? Well, it won't be the first time I've talked to myself and enjoyed it, so I shall continue. It has been many moons since I have committed bloggery. I moved countries and just wasn't feeling it. With all my first-world problems, I went full...


Danielle K Girl is an Aussie who recently moved from Melbourne, Australia to Lititz, Pennsylvania – a town she secretly likes to pretend is really Gilmour Girls’ Stars Hollow. She chose Girl as her pen name because she got tired of reading about female authors having to hide their gender.

Extra|Ordinary is her debut novel.