Ending Altered - An MM Dystopian Novelette

Who wants to live forever?

Euan has spent most of his life running from the Altered. He's forgotten what it feels like to not be afraid. To not be hunted like an animal for the prize that runs in his veins.

Humanity has unlocked secrets they should have left well alone. Now Euan and his kind find themselves at the heart of a war over death itself.

When Euan arrives at the isolated Settlement, he dares to believe that perhaps this time, they are safe from their enemies. That maybe this time his nightmares won't follow him when he wakes. And if he were really dreaming? He might even consider doing more than just stealing glances at Kye everytime the guy crosses his path.

But hope is a dangerous thing in Euan's world.

As dangerous as life itself.

A dystopian short-read set in a broken world with a craving for death.

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