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The Diabolus Chronicles

Historical Fantasy Adventure

Silas Mercer is a deadman walking.
Pulled from his grave and claimed by the mysterious Order of the Golden Dawn, he recalls nothing of the life he once lived.
What does the Order want from him? And how far will they go to get it?
When Silas encounters a desperate and dashing Lieutenant at a society ball he moves ever closer to the truth behind his return to life.
But is he ready to face what he has become?

Goodreads Review, Apr 2021 - 'It's gritty and it's dark. I'm a huge fan of the supernatural genre and this does not disappoint. The characters, and the settings, are beautifully brought to life by D K. Girl.'

Dystopian M/M Fiction
Humanity has unlocked secrets they should have left well enough alone.

Now Euan and his kind are at the heart of a war over death itself.

A Stand-alone novella

Science Fantasy Serial

The Facility holds many dangerous secrets.
And one of them just left the building in an over-sized hoodie.

Metal Angels - a Four Part Serial.
Out Now.

YA Alien Adventure Trilogy

Ryder Carlsson hears the shadows whisper her name.
Olessia is a runaway with a secret that could destroy worlds.
When these two meet, an extraordinary adventure will begin.


Danielle K Girl is an Aussie living in stunning Tasmania, with her three cats, Luffy, Sweetie (@sweetiebyname), and Ren. She has an obsession with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Why? Because they are the perfect reminder that no storyline is too crazy to consider.