Gaslamp Fantasy

Gaslamp Fantasy New Release.

Silas Mercer died once.
He'd rather not do it again.

A brand new Gaslamp Fantasy Series.


Reviews for Ending Altered

*****Very enjoyable, great characters with chills. Fascinating and moving story. Some great twists and turns along with a real emotional heart. Hopefully the start of a series. Devoured it and would love to read more. Kobo Review -by Simon on September 18, 2020

*****'Must Read. Edge of your seat nail biting story. I could not get enough and was sad when I finished it. Somebooks you wish never ended and this is one of them' - Ashley, Amazon. 19 Dec, 2020

****A well written gay dystopian story! Something a bit different! Genetically evolved humans, the new top of the feeding chain! Good short read! GoodReads - Sam - 09 Oct, 2020

Science Fantasy Serial

The Facility holds many dangerous secrets.
And one of them just left the building in an over-sized hoodie.

Metal Angels - a Four Part Serial.
Out Now.

YA Alien Adventure Trilogy

Ryder Carlsson hears the shadows whisper. And they are calling her name.
Olessia is a runaway with a secret, one that could destroy worlds.
When the two girls meet, an extraordinary adventure will begin.


Danielle K Girl is an Aussie living in stunning Tasmania, with her three cats, Luffy, Sweetie (@sweetiebyname), and Ren. She has an obsession with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Why? Because they are the perfect reminder that no storyline is too crazy to consider.