Metal_Angels_Part_One FINAL

METAL ANGELS-PART ONE (The Facility Files - Book One)

Two estranged sisters. One apocalyptic problem.

The Facility holds many dangerous secrets.
All of them are worth killing for.

The Facility's most classified asset has just been dumped on Kira's doorstep.
He's undeniably beautiful to look at, like a sculpture brought to life. But what is he exactly?
Human? Android? Or something else entirely?
And what the hell is she supposed to do with him?
He dribbles when he drinks, can't string a sentence together, and stares at the world like he's seeing it for the first time.
Baby-sitting is not a job she's remotely interested in. Kira's got big Friday night plans, and they all involve vodka.
But Azrael's creator is desperate to get him out of the high-security compound. And Kira's not about to say no to her own sister, one of the geniuses behind the Facility's astonishing tech.

No matter what you hear, Kira, or what you are not come back.

Not exactly reassuring words. Especially when Kira knows who her sister works alongside at the Facility. They aren't the type you mess with.
And you definitely don't steal their toys.

Azrael had better be worth it.
Like, saving the world, kind of worth it.

Because this sure as hell feels like one favour that could get a girl killed.

**Language Warning** - if you don't like copious amounts of swearing, then perhaps this one isn't for you. Kira knows all the words and likes to use them. She enjoys it almost as much as sex. So be warned, sexual content contained in this book! (Not graphic or erotica)

Part One of a Four-part SERIAL. **Please note, these are not stand-alone books.**

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